How Do I Know You’re Real? – One of the Most Common Questions I Receive

Hello everyone.  Today I’m going to answer one of the many common questions I get, which is how do I know you’re real?  I know this is deviating from black sheep questions, but it’s one that I want to address just because I do receive it on a regular basis.

Dear Jake,

I’ll be upfront and honest, I’m not one of your fans.

I go on and I read some of these questions, and I find it hard to believe that people are that trusting on the internet, that they actually ask these very personal questions.  How do I know you’re real?  I just have a hard time believing that you get some of these questions, cause the questions you get are questions that not even I would ask a stranger.  I’d just like to know if you really get these kinds of questions.


Dear Skeptical,

I can see why you would think that these aren’t actual questions I get on a regular basis.  So, I’m going to kind of walk you through my selection process for questions.  Because, in actuality, some of the questions I receive never make it onto the blog.  That is because I’m looking for specific things when it comes to questions.

When I look for a question, first I’m looking for something that is semi-original.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be original, but it has to be a question that has some sort of original thought.  The questions I usually answer, are questions that only a black sheep would type.

So, for example, instead of showcasing this question:  What can I do to get my marriage back?  Instead, the question would be more like this:  What can I do to not be polyamorous and save my marriage?  See the difference between the 2 questions?  The first question is one of those boring humdrum questions that any therapist could answer in a heartbeat.  The second question requires a little more thought into giving the advice.

Plus, you also have to remember that this is a blog for black sheep.  This is a blog for all of those people who are very different from their own family.  And, since this is a no-judgement zone, I receive all kinds of questions that to some people would be very weird and sometimes disturbing.

I’m not here to be your typical therapist.  I deal with some of the most unique of questions, because I truly care about the black sheep of the family, particularly to people who are around my age.  I’m not like Oprah or Ellen Degeneres, I don’t deal with everyday problems.

I just have a lot of experience in being the black sheep.  I’ve been different from my family my whole life, and actually I always tried to hide the fact that I was the black sheep, because I honestly just wanted someone to love me for me.  And so, I said and did things that weren’t who I really was.

The goal of this blog is to be a safe haven for people who are different.  It’s probably the one and only place where people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs can come to where they don’t have to worry about “keeping up with appearances” so to speak.

To answer your question though, yes I do really receive questions like the ones I’ve been answering.  I choose the really odd questions because, I find that the odder the question is, the harder it is to give advice to.  I guess you can say I specialize in black sheepery.  (Yeah I know…sheepery isn’t a word, but for now it’ll suffice).

I hope this answers your questions.  Thank you for your time.



If you have any questions you’d like to be answered on this blog, shoot me an e-mail at

What do you think?  Do you understand now why I answer the questions I answer?  Comment in the comment section below and I will get right back at you.




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